7 Inch Multimedia player with bluetooth, Mixtrax and AppRadio Mode


Main Features

  • Maximum Power Output MOSFET 50W x 4

  • Tuner D4Q RDS FM/AM Tuner (24 Presets)

  • Plays • Your DVD collection
    • Your CD collection
    • Your iPod, iPhone, Android Smartphone

    via CD, DVD, SD or USB:
    • MP3, WMA, AAC audio files
    • DivX, Xvid, MPEG-4 and JPEG
    • WMV (HD), H.264 (HD)

  • Screen Detachable 7 Inch anti-glare touchscreen, with Advanced Display Resolution

  • Installation Type 2-DIN integrated entertainment hub

  • Front Panel Motorised, fully detachable

  • Button Illumination 210k colour variations / RGB multi-colour customisation

  • DVD Region Code 4

  • Dual Zone Yes

    Dual Zone functionality‘Dual zone’ enables your rear-seat passengers and you to enjoy different AV sources at the same time.

    For example, whilst you and the front passenger listen to the radio, the rear seat passengers can watch a DVD on optional screens.

  • AppRadio Mode Yes

  • Supported Apps Optional cable required
    For compatible apps in AppRadio Mode click here .

  • Multi-language Display Yes (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, traditional Chinese)

  • Remote Control Yes, remote control included.


  • Aux In Yes (Rear AV)

    The Aux-in allows you to connect external music and video sources (with RCA outputs). This means that you can connect your MP3 player, PDA or games console, for example.
  • HDMI Yes (HDMI cable not supplied)

  • MirrorLink Ready

  • Input for rear camera Yes


  • RCA preouts 3 Hi-Volt (F + R and SW)

  • High voltage output 4V

    By providing a strong signal, with less noise and more definition, the Hi-Volt pre-outs reduce demand on the input circuit of the amps so they can work with lower gain settings, resulting in improved sound quality and a wider dynamic range.
  • RCA video 2 x Video Input (VCR / mini-jack AV)

  • SD Card Yes (Compatible with SDHC)

  • Hard wired remote input Yes

    The Hard Wired Remote input allows you to connect the receiver directly to your car’s own steering wheel remote control.

    You can then control your receiver with the steering wheel remote control.
  • USB Input 2 x USB (rear, 1 Amp), 1 USB extension cable included

  • Video output 1

Screen Features

  • Selectable wide screen modes Yes

  • Auto display brightness & backlight adjustment Yes

  • Rear camera switching Yes

Audio Features

  • Advanced Sound Retriever Yes

    ASR stands for Advanced Sound Retriever.
    Our ASR sound technology automatically restores the harmonics which were lost during the audio compression process.
    ASR adjusts frequency response and sound pressure, especially in the high and low frequency ranges, to revitalise the density and presence of the compressed signal.
    The result is an improved sound quality with its staging, density and feeling restored to the level of the original recording.
  • Advanced Sount Retriever for Bluetooth Yes

  • Direct sub drive Yes

    Direct Sub Drive Instead of connecting 2 rear speakers, you can opt to connect a subwoofer in 2Ω mode to one of the rear speaker outputs. 70W power will be delivered to the woofer for a powerful bass sound experience, without the need for an extra amplifier.

    It's an easy solution for lovers of booming bass.

  • Auto EQ Yes

    Let your system take care of your sound. Our new Auto EQ feature monitors and analyses the acoustics inside of your car and uses the measurements to automatically adjust your audio equalisation levels.

    Using a 3-band parametric equaliser Auto EQ adjusts the front and rear speakers separately. The result is audio perfectly suited to your in-car environment. (Please note: an optional microphone is required.)

  • Auto EQ yes, with optional microphone

  • D/A Convertor 1-bit

  • Dolby Digital Yes

  • Equaliser 8-band graphic equaliser

  • High Pass Filter Yes

  • Low Pass Filer Yes

  • Loudness Yes

  • Sonic Center Control Yes

    Sonic Center ControlSonic Center Control is a listening position adjustment tool, which lets you optimally tune the audio output based on where you (or your passengers) are sitting.

    By changing the position to the right (as shown in the screenshot), the sound image will move to the right. The driver’s side speaker timing is adjusted, with the result of an improved sound stage based on your listening position.

    This feature takes the sound delay data used by DSPs and translates it into an analogue version using phase delays. However, in order to mimic a DSP’s sound delay, frequencies can only be altered up until midrange.

  • Source Level Adjuster Yes

    Allows you to independently adjust the volume ratio between all of the headunit's sources (using the FM volume level as a reference), so the start-up volume between sources will always be the same.
  • Cellular Telephone Auto Muting Yes

Apple Compatibility

  • iPod Ready Yes (Optional cable required)

  • Works with iPhone Yes

  • Supported Functions • iPod/iPhone Direct Control via Rear USB
    (Optional CD-IU201V cable required)
    • iPod Touch Direct Control via Rear USB for AppRadio Mode (Optional CD-IU201S cable required)
    • iPhone 4/4S Direct Control via Rear USB for AppRadio Mode (Optional CD-IU201S cable required)
    • iPhone 5 Direct Control via Rear USB for AppRadio Mode
    (Optional Apple Connectivity Kit required CD-AH200C)

    More info: Check App Mode

    With App Mode selected, you can operate the unit's iPod function for your iPod. Also, you can and listen to the sound of your iPod/iPhone applications through your car speakers and view any video content on the screen, provided the App supports analogue audio or video output.

    App Mode is compatible with the following iPod models:

    • • iPhone 4/4S (software version 4.1 or later)
    • • iPhone BGS (software version 3.0 or later)
    • • iPhone 3G (software version 3.0 or later)
    • • iPhone (software version 3.0 or later)
    • • iPod touch 3rd/2nd/1st generation (sottware version 3.0 or later)
    • • iPod nano 5th/4th/3rd/2nd generation (software version 3.0 or later)
    • • iPod classic 160 GB/120 GB (software version 3.0 or later)

    App mode is not compatible with the following iPod models:

    • • iPod nano 1st generation
    • • iPod 5th generation

Android Compatibility

  • Works with Android Yes

  • Supported Functions AppRadio Mode (Optional Android Connectivity Kit required)


  • Parrot Bluetooth Module Yes

  • Hands-free calls Yes

  • Additional Bluetooth Features • Audio streaming
    • Automatic Phone book transfer
    • 1000 entries for up to 3 individual phones (each contact can hold up to 5 unique numbers)
    • External microphone for precise, noise-excluding audio included
    • Simple Secure Pairing